Integrating sexual health education into the Arusha Rugby Development Programme

Juma Kittyler played for the Tanzanian national rugby team, and founded the Arusha Rugby Development Programme, which takes part in YES! Tanzania’s Sport and Sexual Health Project, supporting young rugby players to learn about sexual health through the game.

Meet Juma and hear more about how the partnership benefits young people.

‘My name is Juma – I’m a former Tanzania national rugby player and I’m the founder of the Arusha Rugby Development Programme.

‘I met YES! Tanzania in 2014. I met Ken, who was interested in what I do. He said we could work together and he would teach me more about what they do at YES! Tanzania.

‘Then in 2015 they started their Sport and Sexual Health programme – and I was part of it. That was like the mojo for me. Why? Because my past experience was just at rugby, and then learning about how to take care of our youth, that was very important to me. I think everyone should be part of teaching young people about their health.

Breaking down barriers

‘Our life in Tanzania, it’s different from many people’s. Parents don’t talk to their children about social health and that’s bad because…. say girls, they don’t know what their period is because they don’t talk to their mums and their mums are ashamed to talk to them. Then maybe, let’s say for a boy, his dad won’t tell him, now you’re getting older this is what you should be doing.

‘Through YES! Tanzania I learned that I’ve never been taught about these things. So I’m learning while I’m older but I’m also learning how to teach others, through rugby as a vehicle.’

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