Community Sports Hubs

‘Active communities where everyone benefits from sport & physical activity.

A Community Sport Hub (CSH) is a collective of local sports clubs & other community organisations that come together to improve the contribution that sport & physical activity has on a community.

The CSH approach is to support and empower local people to improve sport & physical activity in communities. It starts with understanding the assets within a community and then collaborating to facilitate and deliver activities and interventions.

A CSH Development Officer is on hand to work with local leaders, provide support to help understand barriers and develop inclusive approaches that ensure everyone can get active. They help establish partnerships, and develop plans and resources to build capacity and capability in community organisations.

A Community Sports Hub is founded on three pillars:

  1. Utilising community assets
  • Physical – sports grounds, school facilities, community centres, sports equipment.
  • Organisational – sports clubs, NGO’s, community organisations, local government, schools, coaches, leaders and teachers.
  1. Fostering community collaboration
  • Collaborative - develop and strengthen partnerships and collaborations across public, voluntary and private sectors.
  • Accountable - plan well, measure their performance and be accountable for delivering outcomes.
  1. Empowering community leaders
  • Person-centred - listen to people and put their voices at the heart of their thinking.


Umoja Community Sports Hub

We are currently working to establish a CSH at Umoja Tanzania’s new Centre which is located in the Sinoni area of Arusha. The Centre is spread across 2 sites which are close to each other, the main one being sports, education, offices, social enterprise and social welfare. The second site, which is a ten-minute walk away, is accommodation with opportunities for training and workshops.

With regards to the sports facilities, the plan is to renovate and extend the current grass sports ground (football, rugby, athletics), build a covered outdoor area (table tennis, boxing, dance, aerobic etc), and a multi-purpose hard court (netball, basketball and volleyball). A new fully accessible sports changing room with showers and toilets is also under construction.