Vulnerable Youths Boxing Project

Abasi Ali helps run Arusha Boxing Club, which YES! Tanzania supports. Here he explains how the club is transforming young people’s lives.

‘My name is Abasi Ali, and I’m a boxing coach as well as a member of the Arusha Boxing Club.

‘In collaboration with YES! Tanzania we are trying to mobilise and help street children through boxing. Together we are doing a great job of changing the risky behaviours of street children within our programme so they can be accepted in the community.

‘Together with YES! Tanzania we have success stories. For example, some of the children, before they joined the programme, were not accepted by the community due to their negative acts. The programme helped them to rebuild trust – people see them doing community activities and being friendly to other members of the community.

‘It's very important for YES! Tanzania to continue supporting us because through their support it is easy to reach our goal of helping more youth who are in need.

‘Our future plan is to reach more youth and help them. We believe those who will become role models from our programme will attract more youth to join the programme.’

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